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TT: You’re a pathetic excuse of a male rendition of Kanaya and I seriously cant stand it when people blatantly and knowingly fuck up every trait of a character’s personality. I occasionally roleplay as Kanaya and while I mayan’t be the best or even close to such but at least I put forth a valiant effort in my attempts. Because, hey, I could tell you right now, there’s a phrase that I live by from a very intelligent fictional character, and that’s do it RIGHT and do it with a smile or don’t do it at all. At this point I’m rearing to guess that you should go with the latter. Hahah woops, would you look at that? Me. Extanding a hand beyond the fourth wall to tare you a new one. Totally not even mildly out of character. Hah. Hahah. Anyways, I’m out.

TT: Peace, dude.

TT: -Casually exits the closet early.-

You know what’s so funny about MSPARP is that you don’t know who you’re chatting with.

This person might have RPed with me before. This person might have enjoyed my company on MSPARP before. This person might have traded URLs or skypes with me, and I might have this person following me and I might be following them.

So, if you are this person, or know this person, please tell me. I want to unfollow and or block this cuntbasket. And I hope that if said cuntbasket finds this, that they do the same for me.

Because even though I am a fantastic writer and RPer, I don’t want to associate with people like this who pull people into special unmoderated side-chatrooms just to do this to them without any consent from a mod.

You are a coward.

I hope you understand that.


  1. creepymancer said: they didn’t even stay in character with their whole tirade who the fuck are they to talk
  2. invernom said: holy shit that guy really is the highest caliber of douche fuck him with a rusty nail D:<
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